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PVGA-9970 - IEI PVGA-9970 PCI VGA Video Card - Winbond W9970, 64-bit...

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IEI PVGA-9970 PCI VGA Video Card - Winbond W9970, 64-bit graphic acceleration, 2MB V-RAM, 1024x768 px Resolution Simple Type: Video Card

The PVGA-9970 is a PCI-bus VGA card. This card uses the Winbond 9970CF Controller Chips to support high resolution CRT display monitors. The PVGA-9970 is a high-performance graphics accelerator specially designed for the Microsoft Windows family, IBM OS/2, and DOS-based applications. Besides 100% IBM VGA register-level compatibility, the PVGA-9970 incorporates a 64-bit graphics engine to enhance drawing functions such as BitBLTs, Bresenham line draw, and short stroke vectors.

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  • Bus: 32-bit PCI local Bus revision 2.1 specification
  • Display Memory: 2MB V-RAM onboard
  • Graphics Engine: Winbond W9970, 64-bit graphic acceleration, 8/16/24-bit per-pixel true-color acceleration Provide high level graphic commands
  • OS driver support: Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT4.0
  • RAMDAC: On-chip 24-bit true color RAMDAC with up to 135MHz pixel clock
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 (24-bit color), 1024 x 768 (16-bit color)


  • Bus: 32-bit PCI local bus revision 2.1 specification
  • CRT Interface: Winbond 9970 Chipset with 2MB video DRAM
  • Graphics Engine: Winbond W9770CF (64-bit graphics acceleration, 8/16/24 bit per pixel true color acceleration)
  • Maximum Resolution: 1280x1024 @ 256 colors; 1024x768 @ 64K colors; 800x600 @ 16M colors
  • O.S. Drivers Support: DOS, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT 3.1/4.0
  • Operating Temperature: 0-60ÂșC
  • Output Connector: CRT: 15-pin D-sub female connector (J1) 100% hardware compatible with VGA standard
  • RAMDAC: On-chip 24-bit true color RAMDAC with up to 135MHz pixel clock rate
  • Relative Humidity: 5-95%, non condensing



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