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AFL17M-CM1G-A1 - IEI AFL17M-CM1G-A1 - 17" Socket 479 based panel PC/ Celeron-M...

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IEI AFL17M-CM1G-A1 - 17" Socket 479 based panel PC/ Celeron-M 1.0G/512MB/2.5" SATA 40G HDD Simple Type: Panel PC

AFOLUX is an epochal all-in-one panel PC system, providing performance superior to commercial PC, tasteful and streamline outlook, and industrial-grade durability. Furthermore, the flexible installation alternatives make AFOLUX easy to be used just about anywhere. AFOLUX is designed to providing cost-effective and versatile solutions to meet the vast demand emerging from semi-industrial computing markets. From clinical to factory environment, restaurant to school, and entertainment to surveillance devices, AFOLUX is your ultimate choice to fulfill a wide spectrum of applications.

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  • 5-wire touch screen is light, thin, and energy-conserving.
  • AFOLUX provides a fully-equipped computer platform with complete CPU/DRAM/HDD hardware built-in.
  • Any point can be touched up to 10 million times and still withstand the standard falling and vibration test.
  • Avoids the problem of wiring between the screen and main unit. Conserves wiring material.
  • Depending on various service spaces, you can pair with various types of movable arms and secure them in any space. You may move and place them according to your needs and make the best use in a limite
  • Fully integrated I/O devices
  • High resistance to abrasion, high optical transmission.
  • Industrial-grade dustproof protection.
  • Maintains a clear and highly-sensitive response after being touched by fingers or any other objects.
  • Multi-port RS-232 x 3
  • Numerous add-on com port devices: Obtaining and installation are easy, cost is low.
  • PCI slot for flexible, scalable specification expansion
  • Provide next-generation USB 2.0 interface and USB1.1 is compatible as well. Supports latest peripherals.
  • Screen’s spill waterproof protection. Water spilled from any direction will not cause damage.
  • Space saving
  • State-of-the-art touch screen as standard device.
  • The special LCD alignment method for MVA technology allows a much better viewing angle and avoids grayscale inversion. Benefits of adopting MVA technology includes: 1.High contrast ratio 2.Wide view a
  • Transflective type TFT LCD is a promising displaying device. Benefits of adopting Transflective technology includes: 1.Power saving 2.Clear display under high ambient light 3.Indoor readability 4.Ligh




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